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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 14, 2013

CNN Anchor Zoraida Sambolin to Follow in Angelina Jolie’s Footsteps with Double Mastectomy

CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin has announced that she too will undergo the same cancer-preventive double mastectomy procedure as movie star Angeline Jolie.

Today the Hollywood superstar via a NY Times op-ed announced she decided to surgically remove both her breasts to reduce the high risk of breast and ovarian cancer that runs in her family.  Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died of breast cancer at 56 years-old after a decade long battle.  Jolie, 37, also disclosed that she carries the BRCA1 gene that gives her a high predisposition to both breast and ovarian cancer.

Click here to read Jolie’s NYT op-ed piece in its entirety.

The global reception to Jolie’s news has been overwhelmingly positive and for some women a reality check.  For CNN’s Early Start anchor Jolie’s message gave her confidence to reveal that she has been diagnosed with cancer on her left breast and potential cancer issus with the other.

The Latina anchors decision to have a double mastectomy is part of her treatment to deal with her breast cancer diagnosis and also preventive since it reduces the potential for breast cancer reoccurance.  Sambolin publicly thanked Jolie and said she was “grateful” to Jolie for providing such an open forum on the issue of breast cancer.

Sambolin, 47, is a former local Chicago newscaster that joined CNN in 2011 from NBC.  She was also a special assignment reporter and substitute anchor for Telemundo Chicago. 

Sambolin is a divorced mother of two children living in New York City and is engaged to White Sox executive Kenny Williams.