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Saturday June 8, 2013

Cleveland Indian’s Chris Perez & Wife Face Narco Possession Charges

Cleveland Indian’s Chris Perez & Wife Face Narco Possession Charges

Photo: Rocky River Police Department

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Cleveland Indian’s relief pitcher Chris Perez, and his wife Melanie, 29, have been charged with misdemeanor drug charges, which indicates the possession of low-levels of pot.

The 27-year-old closer was found out after several “pot-smelling” parcels were flagged at the local Ohio post office in Rocky River where Perez lives with his wife and children. 

The two parcels were wafting enough of an odor to prompt post official officials to call in investigators who obtained a search warrant.  The Perez home, which is a rental home, has been the center of “criminal activity in the past” but not since the couple moved in last year – also serving as a prompter for authorities. 

The investigation gathered steam when an undercover agent posing as a mail man delivered the parcels in question.  Interestingly the boxes were addressed to the family dog.  The parcels were accepted by Perez’ wife though she did indicate that they were for Brody, the family dog.

The couple then left their home leaving a nanny in-charge of their two children.  The police took this exit as an opportunity to search the home where they found drug paraphernalia including a pot grinder.  The parcels that started this investigation were also searched were over one-third of a pound of pot was found inside.  The pot was inside plastic baggies slathered in vaseline.

When questioned by authorities Perez fessed up to having ‘personal use’ marijuana but did not confirm or deny if his dog is his dealer. 

This is the start of Perez’ fourth year with the Indians though he is currently on the disabled list, earning $4.5 million last year.  Perez and his wife will return to court on June 19 to face their charges.

In previous seasons, the Florida native has lashed out at fans via his Twitter account for not coming to games and for the owners not spending enough on free agents.  In turn fans have shown that Perez is not one of their favorites by lashing out at him on his Twitter.