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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 3, 2011

Ciudad Juaraz Sees Coldest Weather Since 1951

Ciudad Juaraz Sees Coldest Weather Since 1951

Photo: Snow in Mexico

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Not since 1951 has Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez seen such wintery weather as it did on Wednesday.

Feeling the coldest weather they’ve had in 60 years, the border city sent dozens if not hundreds of people to shelters as many were homeless or lived in homes just not made for cold weather. Three of the city’s shelters were filled to capacity.

Ciudad Juarez’s weather was brought by the same massive storm that covered nearly half of its neighbor to the north.

But while the snow was not even ankle deep, the city was just not equipped to handle such conditions, and the airport was shut down for four hours, though bridges to El Paso stayed open.

Luckily, though the storm caused a number of traffic accidents, there were no fatalities.

Schools were closed until further notice as the Governor of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is, even declared a state of alert across the area and urged everyone to stay in their homes.

Temperatures fell below 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and while some in the northern and Midwest states might argue that’s not THAT cold, one must remember THIS IS MEXICO!


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