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Latino Daily News

Friday May 13, 2011

City Streets of Durango, Mexico Littered with Beheaded Bodies

City Streets of Durango, Mexico Littered with Beheaded Bodies

Photo: Durgano, Mexico Site of Multiple Beheadings

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The state of Durango got more bad news with the finding of bodies of eight decapitated men littered throughout the state capital – this finding on the heels of the mass grave body count increasing.

Yesterday Durango police found six naked decapitated bodies on a local highway that services the capital city of Durango with the heads found nearby.  On another Durango city street police found the decapitated body of a local prison warden that had been kidnapped earlier in the week and another unidentified male.  The head of the warden was found on a different city block.

This northern state is still in shock over the mass graves found around Durango city last month and where the body count keeps increasing – the count currently stands at 196 corpses.  Surpassing the mass graves of Tamaulipas where 183 bodies were recovered from 40 graves.

The most recent grave uncovered in the vicinity was found Wednesday with eight bodies one of which was a woman.

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