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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 25, 2011

Church Concerned About Rising Violence Against Women in Panama

Church Concerned About Rising Violence Against Women in Panama

Photo: map of Panama

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Concerned about the high number of women in Panama killed by their husbands or partners or former partners, the Archbishop of Panama, Mgr.José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta, urged the authorities to enforce the law more effectively and priests to address the issue of domestic violence as a transversal issue in all catechesis.

The Archbishop believes this is a problem of enormous dimension - ethical, psychological and social - that deserves more attention from the authorities, with a stronger law enforcement. In addition, society must report the number of cases in a timely manner and “to ensure the care and protection of all women who make complaints, ” he added.

In a statement to the local news agency, Mgr.Ulloa Mendieta underlined: “We must condemn violence and support victims. ” The Archbishop also called on all people of good will to join efforts to support the work of organizations and groups currently working to prevent and protect women’s lives that are threatened in many homes of the community.

The number of women killed in Panama has increased dramatically. According to data from the Agency Alc, in 2011, until now, 55 women have been killed and more than 70 percent have been killed by their partner or former partner. The disturbing thing is that not even 6 months have gone by and already in 2011, the figures exceed the overall total of 2010, which ended with 42 homicides on behalf of women.