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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

Christmas and Immigration with Los Angeles’ Mayor to Be, George López (VIDEO)

Last week we brought you the top ten YouTube videos of 2010 so you should be very familiar with Antoine Dodson. George López had the very eloquent and talented creator of the number one video, perform his idea of a singing Christmas Card.

Oh, George.

But not content with treating our espíritu navideño like a piñata with that one, López has announced a plan for eight years from today, to run for Mayor of Los Angeles.  Of course Jorge would not be the first Mexican-American mayor the city has had, so he should set his sites higher maybe Governor or el Presidente!

If Arnold can, why can’t George López?

It actually might not be such a bad idea to have López dabble in politics, after all. If somebody can address, assess, plan, and execute a comprehensive immigration reform, it’s G-lo, as proven by the video below: