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Monday July 1, 2013

Chipotle to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary, Win Free Burritos for 20 Years

Chipotle to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary, Win Free Burritos for 20 Years

Photo: Free Chipotle - 20 Years

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No one can ever say the folks at Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle aren’t creative.  Case in point how they are going to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The burrito kings are going to offer a treasure hunt where by 20 people can win free burritos for 20 years if they can solve 20 online puzzles. 

Where do we sign up, we say!

The week long treasure hunt called “Adventurrito” will launch on Chipotle’s actual anniversary date of July 13, 2013.  Over the course of the first 19 days of the contest, Chipotle will be giving away free burritos for a year (that’s one burrito a week for 52 weeks) to 20 contestants each day. On the last day of the contest, the first 20 players who finish the puzzle first will be awarded the Grand Prize of free burritos for 20 years (that’s one burrito a week for the next 20 years). If you’re counting, that’s 21,788 free burritos in total, enough burritos to feed one person for 419 years.

Burrito lovers be prepared to know something about the chain’s history and commitment to better food in order to finish the online puzzles.

So you better know that Steve Ells founded the chain 20 year-ago with one restaurant in 1993 in Denver.  There are 1,450 Chipotle Mexican Grills spread across the U.S., Canada, France and U.K.  The company went public in 2006.

The word chipotle has Spanish origins and is used when describing a dried, smoky jalapeño.  The company prides itself on its ingredients that are not only fresh, but that—where possible—are sustainably grown and naturally raised with respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers.  Most importantly, Chipotle is one of U.S. Hispanics top-10 preferred fast-food destinations.