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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 24, 2014

Chinese President Returns Home After Trip to Cuba

Chinese President Returns Home After Trip to Cuba

Photo: Xi Jinping

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Chinese President Xi Jinping was in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba on Wednesday accompanied by his Cuban counterpart and host, Raul Castro, on the last day of his official visit to the communist island.

“It’s a pleasure to come to this beautiful land,” said Xi upon his arrival in the city.

In Santiago, Xi’s agenda includes paying tribute to Cuban independence hero Jose Marti at the mausoleum containing his remains in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.

Afterwards he was scheduled to visit the July 26 City School established in the old Moncada military barracks, where in 1953 Fidel Castro led the first armed action of the Revolution that ultimately brought him to power in 1959.

Xi arrived in Havana at the head of a large delegation of Chinese officials and businessmen.

Raul Castro and Xi presided at the signing of 29 agreements to strengthen bilateral economic relations, including a loan to modernize the port of Santiago de Cuba and accords in agriculture, industry, health, biotechnology, petroleum, energy, culture, education and even the use of cyberspace and digital television technology.

“The Chinese party is full of confidence about the future development of relations between our country and Cuba, and we will be good friends, comrades and brothers of Cuba forever,” said Xi late Tuesday after his talks with Raul Castro.


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