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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 3, 2014

China to Partner with Argentina on Nuclear Plant

China to Partner with Argentina on Nuclear Plant

Photo: Atucha I nuclear plant

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China will provide equipment and services for Argentina’s fourth nuclear power plant under a $2 billion long-term financing arrangement, President Cristina Fernandez’s administration said Wednesday.

State-owned company Nucleoelectrica Argentina will build and operate the Atucha III plant, which will have 800 MW of generating capacity, according to the agreement signed in Beijing and publicly announced by Fernandez’s office.

China National Nuclear Corporation, a state-owned entity, will provide technical and instrumental support and other services, as well as equipment, for the power station.

The new plant will be located at the Atucha nuclear complex in Lima, a town some 115 kilometers (70 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires where two other atomic power facilities are in operation.

It will use a CANDU reactor that is similar to the one installed at the Embalse nuclear power station in the central Argentine province of Cordoba. CANDU reactors are heavy-water cooled and moderated and use natural-uranium UO2 fuel.

The financing deal was reached in Beijing in the presence of Argentina’s planning minister, Julio de Vido, and economy minister, Axel Kicillof.

Jose Luis Antunez, president of Nucleoelectrica Argentina S.A., and CNNC’s general manager, Qian Zhimin, signed the contract.


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