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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 8, 2011

Chilean Wanted to Keep her Boyfriend from Flying to New Job So Makes Bomb Threat

We assume that phoning in a bomb threat to an airliner is not on any advice columnist’s list on how to keep a boyfriend – yet that is exacting what Chilean Grace Guarjardo did.

“I’m sorry, but I did it for love,” was the only excuse Guarjado had for phoning in a bomb threat on Sunday that evacuated 300 people on Iberia Flight 6830 minutes before take off.

Guarjardo boyfriend, Rodrigo Gomez, was leaving on the Madrid-bound flight to take a job on a cruise as a ship waiter.  After dropping him off at the Chilean airport she first called airport authorities telling them Gomez father had become deadly ill so please to have him come off the plane.  After that effort failed she called back with the bomb threat.

For his part Gomez, is very forgiving “I can’t be angry, I have to support her. What she needs is love, nothing more.”  Meanwhile Chilean authorities are also compassionate charging her with a false threat instead of terrorism.