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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Chilean Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully (VIDEO)

Chilean Conjoined Twins Separated Successfully (VIDEO)

Photo: Chilean Conjoined Twins Separated

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Some 100 medical professionals participated in the almost 20 hr. long procedure to separate 10-month-old Chilean conjoined twins María Paz and María José Paredes.

Officials at Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital, said early Wednesday that the 10-month-old twins are in stable condition as teams of doctors work on them individually after the separation surgery.

The girls were joined at the thorax, stomach and pelvis, making the surgery an extremely challenging procedure, as the girls were born sharing many of the same vital organs.

Though the operation was reportedly a success, lead surgeon Francisco Ossandón said “These girls have very serious malformations and will have developmental problems. Their separated limbs are shorter than their normal limbs, therefore they will always have to wear prostheses”.