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Tuesday January 25, 2011

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Runs Out of Gas - LITERALLY (VIDEO)

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Runs Out of Gas - LITERALLY  (VIDEO)

Photo: Sebastián Piñera Emergency Lands a Helicopter in South Chile

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Citizens of Quilicura Bajo, a small town in South Chile had an unexpected visitor precariously land a helicopter on the side of the road.  The unknown visitor also happened to me the most known and powerful man in the country.

“Look, we are 30km. (18.5mi) south of Conquecura, in a place called Quilicura Bajo,”  the president can be heard saying at the beginning of the video.

Piñera was flying from Valparaíso with his friend Andrés Navarro, when the men realized that their fuel reserve was barely enough to take them to their final destination, where the president is on vacation.

“We looked at the gauge and calculated that we had just the bare minimum, just enough fuel to make it… but if we were wrong, the cost would have been to plunge. instead, we decided to stop, and have the pleasure to meet you and share a good time with you” said Piñera to the small crowd that came to greet him.

Locals took pictures and shared a good time with the leader indeed, as well as local strawberries “The best I’ve had in my whole life” according to the president, who basically found himself stranded in the zone during his lunch hour, and gorged on the fruit even taking some with him “for the wife.”

Presents for the wife in this case might be in order, since reportedly, Mrs. Piñera is not a fan of her husband taking helicopter rides, or being an extreme sports fan.

Apparently Cecilia Morel keeps a tight leash on the president as a local kid found out when he asked Piñera if he had the “33 miner little paper” with him. “The wife won’t let me show it, how’s that?” said Piñera.

Eventually, a second helicopter carrying fuel landed next to Piñera’.  There was even a three stooges moment, when several men fumbled about trying to figure out a way to funnel or syphon fuel from a barrel and into the helicopter’s tank, a local brought a pickup, where the men propped the barrel and finished fueling the chopper.

The incident, as per law has to be investigated by The Civil Aeronautical Direction, and has sparked a huge controversy by government officials who urged the president to behave like a president, and desist from practicing high risk sports and flying his toys.

Piñera replied that he is on vacation, and said that the things that the president does to relax , unwind and entertain himself on his vacation, are private and shouldn’t be news. Piñera also said that he partakes in scuba diving and other extreme sports with responsibility and with security as a priority, and proof of that was his decision of taking the safe route and landing that helicopter.