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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 19, 2011

Chilean Police Seize Vatican Documents on Priest Abuse Case

Chilean Police Seize Vatican Documents on Priest Abuse Case

Photo: Father Fernando Karadima

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Files on the abuse case of Chilean priest, Fr. Fernando Karadima, have been seized by police after the Catholic Church refused to turn their files over on the case.

Fr. Karadima was found guilty of sexual abuse by the Vatican and ordered to retire from the priesthood with punishment being a life of prayer and penance.  The civil case on the matter was going nowhere until the Vatican’s case concluded.

The Archdiocese of Santiago and Vatican refused to turn over files when local officials requested them claiming the Vatican to be a sovereign state not subject to Chilean law.  Police seized them from the offices of Karadima’s attorney. 

Fr. Karadima was one of Chile’s most respected and influential priests for his work training new priests through his Catholic action youth movement and for his work amongst Chile’s most elite Catholics.  It was during these training sessions that four men now accuse the 80 year old priest of sexual abuse.