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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Chilean Pick-Pocket Gets Stripped Naked by Vigilantes (VIDEO)

Chilean Pick-Pocket Gets Stripped Naked by Vigilantes (VIDEO)

Photo: Chilean Man Gets Stripped Naked by Vigilantes

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After attempting to steal an old lady’s purse, a mob of ten citizens took justice in their own hands, stripping the thief and leaving him naked in the underpass until police came.

This Chilean pickpocket got much more than what he bargained for when he attempted to rob an old lady of her purse, in an underpass of the city of Providencia in Northwest Chile. 

Passersby heard the lady’s screams, and intercepted the thief, after which they pinned him to the ground and roughed him up a bit.

Then, someone suggested they take his clothes off, which they did.  All this was followed by pedestrians hurling coins and plastic bottles at the naked crook. He attempted to board a vehicle going through the underpass, but the driver didn’t allow it.

He was later arrested by police.


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