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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 25, 2010

Chilean Miner’s Families Sue for Compensation and Justice   VIDEO

Families of 24 of the 33-trapped miners have filed a lawsuit against the state and the mining company. The Caldera Mayor, Brunilda González has given her full support to the legal actions.

The action against the state is for it’s failure to monitor the safety of the mine and for allowing it’s reopening in 2007, when plans to enhance the mines safety were never implemented correctly. A ventilation duct was to be installed to function as both ventilation and as an escape route, but it is too small to be used for escape.

Earlier this month, the Chilean geology and mining service revealed that due to budget constraints, there were only 16 safety auditors for the 4500 Chilean mines. In the region where the collapsed San Jose mine is located, there are only 3 auditors for 884 mines.

“Now is not the time to point fingers or ask for pardons,” mine owner Bohn told national television channel, TVN, adding that critics have been unjust. The Chilean Mining Minister has confirmed that the government will hold the mining company responsible to the extent of the law.

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