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Latino Daily News

Monday January 9, 2012

Chile Tries to Rewrite Its History: Eliminates “Dictatorship” Term from School Curriculum

The public school curriculum of Chilean children in first through sixth grade will no longer include the term ‘dictatorship’.  Now that word will be replace with the term ‘military regime’. 

The term ‘dictatorship’ often refers to a dark period in Chile’s history, the 17-year-old brutal regime of General Augusto Pinochet.  So is Chile trying to rewrite its history – yes, say many critics of the new measure. 

During the ‘military regime’ of Pinochet over 35,000 people were tortured and thousands others simply disappeared.

The new rules approved by the National Education Council went into effect last week.

One of the loudest and critical voices is Sen. Isabel Allende, whose father, President Salvador Allende, was ousted by Pinochet.

“It goes against all common sense, because the whole world knows that for 17 years what we had in Chile was a ferocious dictatorship with the most serious violations of human rights,” she said.