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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 4, 2014

Chile to Spend $510 Million on Rebuilding Valparaiso After Fire

Chile to Spend $510 Million on Rebuilding Valparaiso After Fire

Photo: Fire in Valparaiso

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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday announced a $510 million plan to rebuild the sectors of town affected by the devastating fire that swept through the coastal city of Valparaiso in April.

Bachelet, during a visit to Valparaiso, said that the plan will be carried out between the end of this year and 2021, adding that she was confident that at least 71 percent of the investments and work will have been completed by March 2018, when her term ends.

The aim of the plan, the president said, is “to foster equity and contribute to the development and integration” of the hills most affected by the flames on April 12.

The work that is planned includes improving some streets, water projects in ravines and the installation of water taps and fire department alarms, among others.

“We hope that this will allow us to revive the local economy and create new jobs,” said Bachelet, who added that 57 billion pesos ($97 million) will be invested in building new homes.

The gigantic fire killed 15 people, destroyed 3,000 homes and damaged another 12,000.

Valparaiso, declared a World Heritage Site by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2003, is an important Pacific port and the seat of Chile’s Congress.

Most of the residential areas are scattered among Valparaiso’s 42 hills.


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