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Latino Daily News

Friday January 14, 2011

Chile Pursues Judicial Reform and Institutional Changes to its Judiciary

Chile Pursues Judicial Reform and Institutional Changes to its Judiciary

Photo: Chile Flag

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The government of Chile has secured international financing for $5.12 million to strengthen the institutional capacity of it’s judicial branch.

The funds will help Chile design policies that contribute to a series of deep-rooted judicial reforms—some of which are already under way—to continue improving its institutional performance focused on the quality of services provided to citizens, strengthening strategic planning and helping find the best alternatives to improve its human resources. These tasks will be carried out with participation from all levels of the Judicial Branch.

The program is expected to help the Judicial Branch increase its capacity to meet future challenges of institutional development, personnel management, and jurisdictional management by 25 percent; raise the number of users who say it applies the laws in a transparent and fair manner by 10 percent; and reduce the error rate in judicial procedures from 5 percent to 3 percent.

The program will stress personnel development and career progress for judges and judiciary officials, creating incentives for improvement and good performance, providing greater transparency in managing the disciplinary system and performance ratings, and facilitating access to e-learning and other new technologies to help with training development.

The Government of Chile will provide $1.28 million in additional local counterpart funds.