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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 24, 2010

Chile Miners’ First Request? Toothbrushes! (VIDEO)

Chile Miners’ First Request? Toothbrushes! (VIDEO)

Photo: Chilean President Sebastian Pinera shows a note from miners

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Chile is preparing for what will undoubtedly be the longest rescue mission in Chile’s history.  Government officials have said the miners may not surface from the mine until Christmas. The Miners have been trapped since. Until their discovery on Sunday, the miners have survived on rationing their 48-hour emergency supply of food. Every other day, each man was allowed two spoons of tuna, a biscuit and a sip of milk. Monday a note came up from one from the eldest of the miners, 63-year-old Mario Gomez. He wrote to his wife, translated from Spanish, “I want to tell everyone that I’m good and we’ll surely come out OK.”
Newly installed microphones allowed families to hear the men applauding and singing the national anthem late Monday.

The shelter, a living-room-sized chamber off one of the mine’s lower passages that is easily big enough for all 33 men, is far enough from the landslide to remain intact, and the men can also walk around below where the rocks fell. The temperature there is around 90 to 93 degrees (32-34 degrees Celsius).

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