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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 6, 2011

Chile Hires Psychic to Locate Plane Crash Victims (VIDEO)

Chile Hires Psychic to Locate Plane Crash Victims (VIDEO)

Photo: Chilean Psychic Carmen Díaz.

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The government of Sebastián Piñera has organized a giant search party to find the bodies of the 21 victims of the weekend’s plane crash and Defense Minister Andrés Allamand said all “human and superhuman” resources available were being used to find victims and that includes hiring a psychic.

Among the victims, was talk show host Felipe Camiroaga, who was on the plane along with his crew, traveling to cover reconstruction initiatives at Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island, battered by last year’s earthquake/tsunami.

Enter Carmen Díaz. Carmen is the Chilean born seer that is currently onboard a military frigate, supporting the search with her psychic capabilities.

The News site 26noticias.com.ar, said Díaz has participated in numerous police operatives before, providing them with “coherent” case details.

Reportedly, Díaz’s abilities allowed her to see the crash site, and draw a map showing the trajectory of the accident, as well as a chart detailing the areas to search for bodies.

In the meantime, Piñera’s government officials declared two days of national mourning, while the president himself provided the only comic relief of this tragedy—as he often does, in a religious service offered for the victims.  Watch the video below: