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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 22, 2010

Chile Finishes Destroying Thousands of Landmines Bordering Bolivia in Neighborly Effort

The Chilean government announced that in had destroyed over 20,000 landmines planted decades ago at the border with Bolivia when tensions ran high between the country’s.  Chile is fulfilling its obligations under the Ottawa Treaty where it agreed to disarm and destroy the landmines by 2012 and have the process certified by an unbiased international entity.

The relations between Chile and Bolivia have been slowing improving since 2006 when the nations started engaging in diplomatic conversations and opening consular offices.  Tensions have always run high between both country’s especially as it relates to the coastline corridor of Atacama that Bolivia feels is rightfully theirs.  The coastline access was lost to Bolivia during the War of the Pacific, over one hundred years ago,  making Bolivia a landlocked country.  The landmines were planted during the 70’s at a time when diplomatic relations between the country’s were at its worse. 

Both country’s pledge to jointly monitor the border that adjoins then to help defer the flow of drugs and weapons.  Both country’s are scheduled to meet in July to formalize discussions on border issues. 


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