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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Children’s Book About Che Guevara Published in Argentina

Children’s Book About Che Guevara Published in Argentina

Photo: Che Guevara Children's Book

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The authors of “Che, the Star of a Revolutionary,” a new children’s book detailing the story of the guerrilla icon explain that the text seeks to teach lessons on solidarity and commitment to the less fortunate.

Written like a children’s story, the first part of “Ché, la estrella de un revolicionario” describes a curious young Ernesto, eager to discover the world. The character evolves then into a socially committed Ché, the proto-revolutionary. Image

Peppered with phrases of the revolutionary leader, the story is also illustrated by Ju Yun Lee, a South-Korean artist who also illustrated the South Korean version of the kid’s tale about the rebel.

“As a book, it is somewhat revolutionary and avant-garde and we know many parents and other readers will pass judgment on it, but those who read it and understand the concept will enjoy it,” said the authors.

According to the book’s take on Che’s life, he “wanted to change the world,” and together with Fidel and ten other comrades they engaged on an uneven struggle against Cuban dictator Batista and his army.