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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 2, 2010

Children Need Rational Immigration Reform(HP VIDEO)

As child and family scholars, researchers and parents, we are gravely concerned about the impact of Arizona’s new immigration law on the health and safety of children. Tucson is less than an hour from some of the most controversial sections of the United States border with Mexico, and it is defined by the cultures of both countries. Arizona has a duty to ensure the safety and health of its children, and it is clear to us that humane immigration reform is essential to meeting this responsibility.Many continue to criticize SB 1070, even in its revised form, because of concerns that it will lead to fear or even racial hatred in our communities. According to the American Psychological Association, it may be nearly impossible to avoid racial profiling with this law. Our research shows that discrimination and prejudice are already pervasive, insidious, negative influences on the health of children. It also shows that perceived lack of safety is associated with children’s worsening mental and physical health, and poor school performance.

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