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Latino Daily News

Monday May 19, 2014

Chicago’s 7th Annual Alcyone Festival Set to Feature Play by Mexico’s Sabina Berman

Chicago’s Halycon Theatre will feature the work of Sabina Berman, the award-winning Mexican playwright amongst others at its 7th Annual Alcyone Festival.

The Alcyone Festival celebrates female playwrights and to date has presented over 30 works by women.  This year’s festival runs from May 29 through June 22 at Christ Lutheran Church, 4541 N. Spaulding Ave. in Chicago, and will feature works around the theme of Inspirations. 

Berman is a four-time winner of the Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia in Mexico (National Playwriting Award), has twice won the Premio Nacional de Periodismo (National Journalism Award) and the Juan Ruiz de Alarcon Award.  Her novel ‘La Mujer que Buceo en el Corazon del Mundo’ has been translated into 11 languages and published around the world. 

Berman wrote “Between Pancho Villa and the Naked Woman,” that will be featured at the festival along with “Diana of Dobson’s” by Cicely Hamilton and “Tiny Dynamite” by Abi Morgan.  Halycon describes Berman’s play as a glimpse at the “primal macho hidden within the progressive intellectual and the desire to be loved smoldering within a liberated woman.”  The play was originally written in Spanish and has been translated by Shelly Tepperman.  Audiences are sure to enjoy a humorous view on gender roles and feminist issues as found in modern day Mexico.  The film version ‘Entre Villa y Una Mujer Desnuda’ was nominated for an Oscar in 1996 for Best Foreign Film.

Click here to find the performance schedule for the Alcyone Festival and other information about the Halcyon Theatre.


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