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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 30, 2011

Chicago Streets Scene of Mayhem with Street Shootings Resulting in Bus Crash, 11 Injured

Photo: 75th & Vicennes

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The crime ridden neighborhood of Englewood that is not easily shocked was taken back by the bold actions of two gunmen strolled the streets then opened fire at another vehicle causing a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus to crash, injuring 11 people.

The incident occurred at 9:30 a.m. at 75th Street and Vincennes Ave. when two unidentified gun man got out of a vehicle to shoot at another vehicle, as they were following that vehicle on foot.  They peppered the streets with gun shots at times shooting randomly in the open air with what some witnesses describe as an Uzi.

As the vehicle attempted to flee it crashed into a CTA bus causing it to crash into a light pole.  Of the eleven people injured two were bystanders that were standing outside a local Englewood restaurant.

Two people were reported in serious-to-critical condition and 9 others were sent to local Chicago hospitals in fair condition.  Somehow in all the mayhem the two gunmen made their escape.