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Friday June 29, 2012

Chicago Police, DEA Seize Massive Shipment of Cannabis

Chicago Police, DEA Seize Massive Shipment of Cannabis

Photo: Chicago Police, DEA Seize Massive Shipment of Cannabis

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Seizure Keeps Millions Worth of Marijuana from Hitting City’s Streets

A joint task force comprised of Chicago Police Department Narcotics officers and federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents intercepted a shipment of cannabis destined for Chicago on Tuesday afternoon. Illinois State Police and Special Agents of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division also assisted in this investigation. The seizure, part of a long-term investigation, totaled approximately eight tons (16,000 pounds). Officials believe this represents the largest seizure of cannabis in Chicago in at least 20 years.

“A seizure of this magnitude is an important tool in stopping the violence in our communities. It disrupts the operations of those trafficking in narcotics and the impact is felt from the level of street gangs all the way up to the cartel level,” said Superintendent Garry McCarthy. “I would like to thank our federal and state partners, as this operation once again demonstrates that by working together in new and innovative ways, we can have a real impact on crime.”

Officers assigned to the CPD/DEA “Strike Force” received information that a large shipment of cannabis was en route to the Chicago metropolitan area. It is believed the shipment originated in Mexico and passed through Texas on its way toward Chicago. Officers made the seizure near a warehouse in the greater Chicago metropolitan area around 5 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

“This seizure is representative of the impact Mexican organized crime is having on the distribution of illegal drugs sold here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs,” said Jack Riley, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration. ”But it’s also representative of the impact law enforcement can have on these organizations when we share information and resources. I’m proud of the work done by these agents and officers, who worked tirelessly to achieve these results and I’m confident that with our continued partnership, we will have increasing success.”

Intelligence indicates that the shipment was destined for the warehouse, where the cannabis would be divided and allocated for distribution in the area via local drug suppliers and street gangs. The seized cannabis has an estimated street value of over 40 million dollars.

No one was arrested in conjunction with Tuesday’s seizure. The action was taken as part of a long-term investigation, which remains on-going.