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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Chicago Judge Rules Rahm Emanuel Stays on Mayoral Ballot, Affirming Election Commission Decision

This afternoon Cook County Judge, Mark Ballard, ruled that Rahmn Emanuel should stay on the February mayoral ballot, reaffirming the Chicago Board of Election decision to keep him on the ballot.

Emanuel’s detractors wanted the Board of Election Commission decision overturned so they went to court to have that done and they were denied the request. “We find, therefore, there was sufficient evidence to support the board’s conclusion that the candidate’s residency was maintained while he was serving the president as chief of staff,” Ballard wrote.

The lawyer for the objectors, Burt Odelson, argued that Rahm had not proven he was a Chicago resident.  Noting that by renting his North side home he in essence abandoned his Chicago residency, a key requirement for running for Mayor of the city.  Whereas the judge viewed Emanuel’s actions from paying utility bills and real estate taxes as indications he meant to keep the home and return. 

The election will be held on February 22nd.