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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 3, 2012

Chespirito’s Health Returns After Scare

Chespirito’s Health Returns After Scare

Photo: Chespirito's health is back to normal after health scare in Mexican media.

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“Many thanks to everyone asking about my health, I feel tired, but VERY well, moved, happy and receiving a lot of care,” the 83-year-old artist wrote on Twitter, by which he communicates daily with his more than 2.5 million fans.

Chespirito was setting the record straight following reports in Mexican media about his supposed failing health, sparked by his having to leave the National Auditorium Wednesday in an ambulance.

Despite that, Gomez BolaƱos endured with good humor the almost three hours it took to film the program that paid tribute to his 40-year career and which will air March 11 on a Televisa channel.

In a wheelchair and breathing from an oxygen cylinder, Chespirito may have found it hard to speak but showed a strong will to live, enjoying the performances of top artists and the gifts from his fans.

He is aware that he’s been around for “many years,” but on Thursday threatened to live “a few more,” or at least try to.