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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Chespirito’s “El Chavo del 8,” Gets Own Videogame

Chespirito’s “El Chavo del 8,” Gets Own Videogame

Photo: El Chavo Del 8 comes to Wii

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“El Chavo” videogame will be released for the Nintendo Wii console in March of next year, during the month-long celebration of Chespirito’s 40 year-long career.el chavo videogame,roberto gómez bolaños, el chavo del 8,el chapulín colorado, Wii games, chespirito, hs-news

Videogame makers Kaxan are joining 11 nations that will pay homage to Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños ‘Chespirito’ in March of next year, 40 years after the first broadcast of the emblematic “Chavo del 8” TV Show.

Kaxan is releasing a videogame for the Nintendo Wii console based on the adventures and antics of el Chavo del 8.

The videogame will follow a format similar to the board game “Chutes and Ladders,” featuring more than 30 mini-games for players to test their abilities and challenge each other.

In order to advance their positions on the map-board, players will have to hurl water balloons and hula-hoops at each other, play virtual foosball matches, and even partake in food eating contests.

The videogame will come in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and will be sold in the US, Brazil, Argentina and México.

Kaxan is hopeful that after the release of the game, Roberto Gómez Bolaños will be enthusiastic about making videogames about some of his other popular characters, like ‘El Chapulín Colorado.’