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Latino Daily News

Monday September 20, 2010

CHEEK IT OUT:  Promo Video for Ines Sainz – Controversial Televisa Sports Reporter

Long before Televisa sport reporter, Ines Sainz came to the attention of a sport crazed U.S. public she already had a promo video out called “Chicas Malas, Muy Malas” – Inez Sainz Bad Girl, Very Bad Girl.  We don’t know if they are referring to her reporting abilities or her always on sexuality, she is considered to be the sexiest reporter in Mexico. 

As the not-so-modest sport reporter she does not disappoint us in the video with little on and lots of T&A.  Stop right there we mean talent and ambition.

Meredith Viera and other ‘real’ journalists have labeled her ‘unprofessional’ for her tight, white jeans and other sexy outfits worn on the field.  Sainz counters back on Twitter “My way of dress is because I feel comfortable [in it].”

Personally most women’s circulation would be cut off with such tight pants and get the chills with half their cheeks out for display.  However, it must be noted it is warmer in Mexico.  Cheek out her assets and you tell us.

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