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Latino Daily News

Friday January 25, 2013

Check Out Taco Bell’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser (VIDEO)

Check Out Taco Bell’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser (VIDEO)

Photo: Check Out Taco Bell's Super Bowl Ad Teaser

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“Grandpa Goes Wild” is the title of the teaser leading up to the ad Taco Bell will reveal during the Super Bowl, which is part of its “Live Más” campaign.

Featuring an 87-year-old thrill-seeker, Bernie Goldblatt, Taco Bell’s Super Bowl XLVII teaser also features House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

The teaser shows Goldblatt sneaking his suped-up motorized scooter into a football stadium to let loose, do some tricks like making “donuts” on the field, knocking over water coolers, yardage signs and a tackling dummy, all while escaping from security. The teaser gives consumers a deeper look into the “Live Más” personality of the Taco Bell’s Super Bowl spot’s main character.

This ad is just a teaser however, as the actual ad will feature Goldblatt along with his friends, taking viewers on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can “Live Mas.” The commercial will be set to the music of six-time Grammy Award nominee fun.’s “We Are Young,” which will be sung in Spanish.

“Our hope is that our consumers will see themselves in this ad. They tell us that Taco Bell is about memories and experiences, and things they like to share with their friends,” said Brian Niccol, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Taco Bell Corp. “We believe that advertising on the world biggest stage, the Super Bowl, was the ideal way to share these experiences with our fans, while also providing further context into the mindset of Taco Bell and what it means to ‘Live Más.’”