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Latino Daily News

Friday June 28, 2013

CHECK OUT:  Illegal Immigrant Camp Found in Texas (VIDEO)

Border Patrol agents raided an illegal immigrant camp in Texas that is believed to have been used by over 100 undocumented immigrants.

The illegal camp was located in Edinburg, Texas which is a short 15-mile drive from the U.S. Mexico border.  It is suspected that once the immigrants illegally crossed the border they waited here before moving across the South Texas brush eluding Border Patrol that routinely check the area.

Typically immigrant camps like this are set up by human smugglers as transfer points and used before the undocumented head up North, deeper into the U.S. where they are less likely to be caught.

Neary 90% of Edinburg’s population is Latino.  Its closest Mexican border town is Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas. 

The camp was detected by vigilant neighbors who observed more than 30 suspected illegal immigrants in the wooded area.  When Border Patrol raided the camp over 50 immigrants were found and arrested.

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