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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Check out David Gonzalez Recount Scary Encounter with Crazed JetBlue Pilot (VIDEO)

Check out David Gonzalez Recount Scary Encounter with Crazed JetBlue Pilot (VIDEO)

Photo: David Gonzalez on JetBlue Captain Incident

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David Gonzalez and other passengers encountered something they never expected on a routine flight from New York to Las Vegas – a crazed pilot, their pilot.

The Jetblue captain was running up the aisle after exiting the back bathroom.  The fact that the pilot was using the bathroom in the back was the first indication that something was off. 

The pilot exited screaming and appeared to be overly agitated.  He screamed about bombs, the state of affairs in the Middle East and that the plane would be going down. 

Gonzalez and others subdued the captain while the co-pilot secured the cock pit and made an emergency landing at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, approximately 2 hours into the flight.

The Jetblue pilot has been identified as 12-year veteran Clayton Frederick Obon of Richmond Hills, Georgia.  Another pilot who was a passenger was called upon to help the co-pilot fly the plane.  The co-pilot quick thinking according to some reports disabled the Jetblue Captain’s security code and the intercom. 

David Gonzalez, 50, of New York was enroute to Las Vegas, as many other passengers were, to a security convention.  Gonzalez appeared to be the first to take the Captain down and then others came to help him.