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Latino Daily News

Monday September 24, 2012

Check Out Arrest of Dream Act Leader’s Mother in Arizona   (VIDEO)

Check Out Arrest of Dream Act Leader’s Mother in Arizona   (VIDEO)

Photo: Arrest of Undocumented in Arizona

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Saturday night, the mother of one of the national Dream Act movement leaders, Maria, was detained as she drove through Mesa, Arizona. According to the immigrant advocacy group, DRM Capital Group, she was detained for no reason, and was repeatedly told by the police that she had no rights.

The conversation was caught on tape.

A judge in Arizona ruled Tuesday that police can immediately start enforcing part of the state’s immigration law, marking the first time officers can carry out the so-called “show me your papers” provision. In response to the implementation, local activists work tirelessly to inform the undocumented community about their rights.

They have also opened up a hot-line, 1-855-RESPETO, to allow for individuals to call with questions, concerns, or to report abuse.

Erika’s mother was the best example of how undocumented immigrants can exercise their rights and not allow the police to question for their immigration status. She was release the same day and was motivated to make the video to inform the community about her experience, and how, many, can learn their rights as well.

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