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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 7, 2011

Chavez Returns to Cuba for Another Round of Chemotherapy

Chavez Returns to Cuba for Another Round of Chemotherapy

Photo: Chavez Back in Cuba for Chemo Treatment

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Earlier today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba to resume his chemotherapy treatment for cancer discovered in June.  Chavez noted: “There will be several rounds in order to win this battle and eliminate all risk of malignant cells.”

The leftist leaning President and avowed anti-American imperialism has not disclosed the type of cancer he is battling.  Upon leaving Caracas to Cuba he once again vowed to seek another term and stay in the Presidency until 2031.  He was greeted at Havana‚Äôs airport around midnight or 1:00 .am. by Cuban President Raul Castro. 

He is expected to be staying in Cuba just for several days.  In spite of his short stay he had to obtain permission for this trip from the Venezuelan congress which gave their permission yesterday.