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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 11, 2011

Chávez Endorses #OccupyWallStreet On the Eve of New Cuba Medical Trip

Chávez Endorses #OccupyWallStreet On the Eve of New Cuba Medical Trip

Photo: Hugo Chavez

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Cuba next week to undergo medical tests to assess the success of his cancer treatment.

In an unexpected phone call interrupting a Venezuelan government ceremony for local athletes broadcast live on state TV, president Hugo Chávez greeted his people saying “It’s the ghost speaking, the ghost of Miraflores.”

“I’ll be in Cuba next week because they have to conduct very rigorous examinations that are possible thanks to Cuban technology,” Chavez continued.

During the impromptu interview Chavez said he is undergoing constant treatment, exercising and consulting with doctors.  He also said he is sunbathing.

Chavez has become somewhat of a flickering actor in the political arena,  disappearing from public view for a couple of days in which rumors about his health spread like wildfire, only to come back saying he is stronger than ever, and dish out his usual incendiary political commentary; he has become the first foreign politician to endorse #OccupyWallSt:

“This movement of popular outrage is expanding to 10 cities and the repression is horrible, I don’t know how many are in prison now,” Chavez said in comments at a political meeting live on state TV, From Miraflores Palace. “Poverty’s growing, the misery is getting worse, but that empire is still there, still a threat ... [President Barack] Obama is on his way down, for lots of reasons. He was a big fraud.”

Clever and eloquent like always. But our favorite quote of the week by President Hugo Chávez has to be “The doctors told me my hair is growing, and I’m thinking of growing an Afro” ask and you shall receive, Hugo!