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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 29, 2011

Charlie Sheen on Vacation in Colombia …With a Film Crew?

Charlie Sheen on Vacation in Colombia …With a Film Crew?

Photo: Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen was recently seen smoking a cigar and strolling around Cartagena in northwest Colombia with a group of people, which included bodyguards and a camera crew.

Followed constantly by a camera crew registering the actor’s every move, Sheen smoked a cigar outside a library by petition of Colombian psychologist Mónica Romero; once he put it out, he entered the library and drank a glass of summer wine with his entourage, Romero, and the owner of the library, Maria Elsa Gutiérrez.

Sheen was reportedly pleasant and well behaved, even complimenting Mrs. Gutierrez library. The actor signed autographs and took pictures with fans before joining the group for more sightseeing in Colombia’s ‘heroic’ city.

There is no word on what Sheen plans to the do with his Colombia footage, or whether the project is backed by a network, or perhaps a personal documentary project of his own.