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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 6, 2011

Catholic School in Spain Must Pay $52,000 To Victim of Bullying

Catholic School in Spain Must Pay $52,000 To Victim of Bullying

Photo: School in Spain Must Compensate Bullyied Student

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It is the most expensive compensation dictated by a Spanish court for a bullying case. 

A Madrid court has decided that the catholic school “Congregación Hermanas del Amor de Dios” must pay EU$40,000 (approximately $52,000) to the parents of a former student, who was accosted by his peers in a “systematic, collective and continuing” way.

The bullying acts begun in 2007 and continued systematically until 2010. Class mates taunted the then eight year old, and for three years threatened him, told him they were going to kill him, or leave him in a coma; in addition the bullies would also continuously steal his belongings and subject anyone that talked to him to a similar treatment, for which he remained isolated until his parents took him out of school.

The school has appealed the ruling, which found the institution guilty of not taking measures to prevent the bullying, as well as its passive and unassertive response to the parents complaints.