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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 26, 2011

Catholic Bishop: “Immoral Social Situation” in Mexico after Another Local Priest Murdered

Last week in the evening, in the parish community of Mecapala, a community of about 5,000 inhabitants, in the Mexican state of Puebla, Father Santos Sánchez Hernández was found dead in the rectory.

According to Bishop of Tuxpan, Bishop Juan Navarro Castellanos, everything points to the probability that someone entered the priest’s quarters, probably to steal, and once he was discovered, he attacked the priest with a machete, gravely injuring him and then finally killing him.

The case is under investigation, says the Bishop’s message. Fr Santos, 43 years old, had arrived at the parish in June, 2010.

Bishop Navarro Castellanos condemned the climate of violence and insecurity, observing that

“This comes as a reflection on the corruption, the shame and the immoral social situation of the institutions which create ethical and social disorder, which confuse people, creating situations and attitudes which lead to violations of human rights and to violence.”