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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Catalan Artist Uses Napkins to Create Masterpieces

Catalan Artist Uses Napkins to Create Masterpieces

Photo: Catalan Artist Uses Napkins to Create Masterpieces

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When is a napkin more than a napkin? When Joan Sallas gets his hands on it.

Sallas, 48, is a Catalan artist living in Germany who turns linen napkins into impressive works of art using only his hands.

The ancient art of napkin folding dates back centuries, peaking in the 17th century in German-speaking countries. The art was used to impress quests and dates back to the 1500s.

Though the art of ornate napkin folding had fallen out of tradition, Sallas began studying it, and is now largely credited with bringing the art back to popularity.

Earlier this month, “Folded Beauty” the napkin art of Joan Sallas, went on display in the UK’s The Holburne Museum.

Originally an origami paper artist, Sallas became fascinated with historic napkin folding. He has meticulously researched and mastered this forgotten art form and is now the world’s leading virtuoso folder. He collects historical and bibliographic documents and he concentrates on the research of the history of napkin and linen folding in Europe.

Check out some of his artwork below.