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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 8, 2011

Casey Anthony To Move to Mexico After Probation

Casey Anthony To Move to Mexico After Probation

Photo: Casey Anthony Moving to Mexico

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Casey Anthony has decided to head south and distance herself from the hate mail and death threats she has been receiving since she was acquitted of her two-year-old daughters, Caylee, murder.  Her plans also include eloping in Mexico and making a new life on a large ranch with 5 miles of beach, owned by her new California millionaire lover.

Her plan is to move to La Paz, on the Baja peninsula, according to recent reports from the Daily Mail, a U.K. publication.  According to unnamed sources working with the National Enquirer, Anthony plans to apply for a Mexican Citizenship after marrying the wealthy California man she has been seeing since getting out of jail.

Anthony was found guilty of check fraud, and must stay in Orlando, Florida serving a year probation.  She will allegedly be spending her probation time taking Spanish lessons in preparation for her the move to Mexico.

Casey Anthony’s suitor reportedly owns a large ranch on the Sea of Cortez, and offered the 25 year-old a beach cottage in the property, with 5 miles of private beach. The ranch is only accessible by plane, and has its own airstrip.