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Latino Daily News

Friday April 22, 2011

Cartoon Network Latino Goes Green for Dia de La Tierra

Cartoon Network Latino Goes Green for Dia de La Tierra

Photo: Walter & Tandoori

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HS-News wishes our readers a very happy and insightful Earth Day 2011, a world celebration of our planet, and the day to really think about hat can we do to save it.

Some say that kids are the future; with that in mind, Cartoon Network has modified their programming, and created new programs to raise awareness about mother earth, not only on this day, but from now on.

Cartoon Network América Latina has launched several green campaigns with the purpose of uniting children through Latin America to protect their environment every day, joining the Movimiento Cartoon, the network’s social awareness initiative.

Today, the network will show environmentally conscious cartoons like Walter & Tandoori, Oscar’s Oasis, Master Raindrop and Flapjack, among others. 

Aditionally, starting today, the Cartoon Network’s Green Campaign will be launched in collaboration with UNICEF; this PSA campaign will see popular network characters promote environmentally conscious actions around the three R’s: Reduce (Johnny Bravo)  Reuse (Billy and Mandy) and Recycle (The Flinstones)

Children will also be invited to go green online at www.cartoonnetwork.ar , where they’ll find information, games and activities and advice to carry a more green life everyday.

On May first, the Movimiento Cartoon will launch a half hour block dedicated to the environment. This block will air every Sunday at 8:30 am throughout the region, and will feature new shorts and episodes of Walter and Tandoori, an action comedy where Walter, an inventor, and Tandoori, his hyperactive chicken-best friend have hilarious adventures saving the planet.