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Latino Daily News

Monday February 14, 2011

Cartels Deal Blow to Government of Nuevo Leon, Top Exec Executed Despite Friday Resignation

Cartels Deal Blow to Government of Nuevo Leon, Top Exec Executed Despite Friday Resignation

Photo: Salcedo's Car Explosion

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The state government of Nuevo León, took a big hit this weekend when organized crime brutally executed Homer Trevino Guillermo Salcedo, director of Comprehensive Coordination Center of Control, Command, Communication and computation.(C-5)

On Sunday, shortly before 22:00 hours central radio for Civil Defense, received a call that warned of a pickup truck was on fire in the middle area of the city center of Monterrey, precisely on the streets of Washington and Ignacio Vallarta, the appropriate authorities immediately rushed to the scene.

Responders suddenly realized that the state government of Nuevo León owned the burning car, a Cherokee armored truck.Image

Inside the truck completely on fire, was the body of Homer Trevino Guillermo Salcedo, whose body was also riddled with bullets.
The gunmen sprayed the truck fuel tank with bullets and then set the truck on fire.

First reports indicate that Salcido had been kidnapped during the morning of Sunday, along with a group of bodyguards. It was not until late in the day when relatives of the officer knew the grim end. The nephew of Luis Carlos Treviño Berchelmann, former Secretary of Security was also killed.

During the morning the authorities of the state of Nuevo Leon have confirmed the facts, ” The State Government will confirm that the body found inside a vehicle on Sunday February 13 at the intersection of Avenidas Vallarta Washington in downtown Monterrey is the director of the Center for Comprehensive Coordination of Control , Command, Communications and Computer, C-5, Homero Treviño Guillermo Salcedo , “said the text.

It was also disclosed that Salcedo had resigned last Friday and was to give up his post today but he did not survive.

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