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Latino Daily News

Friday May 13, 2011

Carlos Santana to go on Tour With George López This Fall (VIDEO)

Carlos Santana to go on Tour With George López This Fall (VIDEO)

Photo: Divine Rascals George López and Carlos Santana

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Carlos Santana to go on tour with George López this fall.  No joke folks! Or actually, jokes aplenty from funnyman George López, accompanied by musical interludes by Carlos Santana!

The tour titled “Divine Rascals” will see G. Lo and guitar extraordinaire Carlos Santana take turns performing; a night of stand up comedy mixed with virtuoso string picking might indeed sound unorthodox, but as Carlos Santana points out, it has been done successfully in the past:

“I am delighted to be going on the road with George Lopez! Besides giving me the chance to perform alongside a dear friend, these shows take me back to the grand old Bill Graham days, when different kinds of entertainment were featured on the same bill. Divine Rascals will be a joyous experience.”

“Divine Rascals” certainly sounds like a show worth seeing; but if you still have your reservations, which is perfectly understandable, watch the video below.