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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

‘Carlos” Only Latino Winner at the 2011 Golden Globes

The TV Mini-Series that tells the story of Venezuelan revolutionary Ilich Ramírez Sánchez was the big Latino winner of the 2011 Golden Globes.

Despite not being able to take home a Golden Globe,  Sofía Vergara, Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera and Jenniffer Lopez, were dressed to win.


The tweet of the night went to Sofía Vergara:

After she lost the Best Supporting Actress award to Jane Lynch, Vergara sprung out of her seat to hug and congratulate Lynch; Sofía then sat back down, and pulled her phone to tweet:

“Me robaron la corona otra veeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!” she tweeted. (“I was robbed of my crown agaaaaaaaaain!!!!!!!!!)Image

And follows it up with, “I don’t care!!! I already have my Golden Globes!!!!!!!!hahhahha. Brilliant.

Image‘Carlos,’  from award-winning filmmaker Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours), made its U.S. premiere on Sundance Channel on October 11, 2010 and is the story of Carlos the Jackal, the revolutionary that masterminded a wave of terror attacks in Europe and The Middle East in the ’70s and ’80s and founded the worldwide terrorist organization that raided the 1975 OPEC meeting. It is the first Sundance Channel production to ever win a Golden Globe. Image

‘Carlos’ is produced by Studio Canal in association with Film En Stock, Egoli Tossell Film and Sundance Channel.  Sundance Channel will re-air CARLOS on Thursday, January 20th at 8pm ET/PT and the mini-series will be available on Sundance Channel on Demand beginning Wednesday, February 2nd