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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 29, 2010

CAPTURED:  Fugitives Accused of Murdering Social Activist Rodrigo Rosenberg in Guatemala

Guatemala was no more at ease, when officials announced the capture of brothers implicated in the freakish murder of social activist lawyer, Rodrigo Rosenberg, who was killed in May of last year.  Rosenberg was killed, allegedly by his own orders, by cousins, Franciso and Jose Paiz, in order to lay blame on President Alvaro Colom’s failed social policies.  Rodrigo left a video implicating the President should any harm come to him.  A call for Colom’s resignation ensued amidst enormous political and civil unrest.

Thousands went to the street to protest the killing from both sides of the socio-economic specter.  On one side, there were Guatemala’s professionals who used the killing to protest Colom’s corporate fiscal policies while the Mayan poor felt Rosenberg was silenced for his social program policies espoused as a university professor.

The cousins Paiz were charged in December for murder after a United Nations investigation.  The investigation cleared the President of any wrong doing and placed blame on Rosenberg’s death on himself and characterized it as an attempt to make the ultimate political statement against a perceived failed state.

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