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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 6, 2011

Can Ron Paul Win Without Latino Vote He Won’t ‘Kowtow’ to?

Can Ron Paul Win Without Latino Vote He Won’t ‘Kowtow’ to?

Photo: Can Ron Paul Win Without Latino Vote He Won't 'Kowtow' to?

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Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told Univision’s Jorge Ramos he was not willing to “kowtow” to win the Latino vote, causing one to wonder if he can win without it.

On “Al Punto”, Paul reiterated to Ramos he was against giving undocumented immigrants a special path to citizenship that would make it easy , and adding his take on the 14th Amendment.

Paul said he does not believe the 14th Amendment was intended to grant citizenship to just anyone born in the U.S. He expressed that children of undocumented parents should not automatically be given citizenship, because the undocumented are not under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government, therefore are not necessarily able to claim citizenship for their child.

When Ramos told Paul that his opinion is a hard pill to swallow for many Hispanics Paul told him that having a different message for each U.S. demographic is “unnecessary” and pandering.

“I think Hispanics have as much interest in freedom as everybody else. So to say that I have to kowtow, in a sense saying ‘well, the only way you can get a vote for any special group is by giving special privileges.’ I don’t want to punish anyone who belongs to a special group, and nobody should get special privilege either.”

He also stated that the borders need to be secured and that people should not be rewarded with citizenship for breaking the law, but did say he would back a program to give the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. work permits – not citizenship.

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