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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 16, 2010

Can an Anti-Immigrant Stance be the Winning Formula for Hispanic Candidates?

Three Hispanic Republican candidates are running for office in different parts of the country with strong anti-immigration stances and many are wondering how strong the Latino vote will be for them or whether it will be the winning formula.

Cuban-American Marco Rubio is the Republican candidate for Florida Senator supporting English as the country’s official language, opposing amnesty and the DREAM Act.  There’s Susana Martinez, Republican for Governor of New Mexico that has taken a staunch anti-immigration stance and opposes granting driver licenses to undocumented individuals.

Brian Sandoval Republic gubernatorial candidate for Nevada is also anti-immigration.  Sandoval supports Arizona’s controversial SB-1070 and has made off-camera remarks about his children not looking Hispanic therefore not having to fear reprisal.

All are set to win their seats in spite of their anti-immigration stance and their obvious refusal to support the immigrant dream which benefited some of them and a large portion of their Latino constituents.  More interestingly they are Republican which is seeing its Hispanic supporters exiting in record numbers. 

After the election there will be much analysis as to why they won and if an anti-immigrant stance sells better coming from a Hispanic candidate.