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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 6, 2011

Calle 13 Booed In Perú After Confrontation With the Audience (VIDEO)

Calle 13 Booed In Perú After Confrontation With the Audience (VIDEO)

Photo: René "Residente" Pérez

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After arriving at 2 am to a show scheduled for 9 pm, Calle 13 leader René “Residente” Pérez confronted the Peruvian crowd with a litany of political excuses.

“Those who want to leave, they can go to hell. Those who are staying –stay and enjoy. And if there’s anybody who wants to throw a bottle, jump onstage and we’ll meet up here,” singer René “Residente” Pérez told the crowd of 20,000 Peruvians who had been waiting on their feet for Calle 13 for more than 5 hours.

Pérez stopped the concert after a sore fan hurled a plastic bottle from the arena floor hitting him; then he went into a long tirade about how the band had played a show in Venezuela earlier that night that had political meaning.

Pérez lectured Peruvians on how his native Puerto Rico wasn’t invited to participate in the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) meeting currently happening in Venezuela, because it is a U.S. Territory.

But the Peruvians wouldn’t have it, and booed the band on and off throughout the high-energy show.

Residente offered two sort of apologies over Twitter: “Thanks Lima Peru for the energy. Thanks for understanding we don’t control planes or meteorology. Thanks for singing ‘Latinoamerica’!” read the first. “My apologies to Peru in the name of the plane’s pilot and of the weather, that we don’t control. Hugs!” read the second. 

Take a look at the video below for the whole rant of “Residente”