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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 24, 2010

California’s Proposition 19 Not Supported by Mexican Government

Mexico’s President Calderon is opposed to California’s Prop 19 on legalizing Cannabis. Calderon has said he believes the legalization of marijuana is a dangerous experiment that would undermine the Us and Mexican efforts to control the powerful narco traffickers. Californians are scheduled to vote on the legalization of Marijuana on November 2.

Some Mexican fear that the law if passed, it would lead to an increase in consumption in Mexico. “It would be the worst thing. It might cut the cartels’ income a bit but we’d see more addicts, and trust me we’ve already got enough,” General Carlos Villa, a police chief in Torreón, told the Guardian.

It is estimated that marijuana is credited with almost half of the drug cartels income but many say that legalization in California would not have any significant impact to the drug cartels profits.

Mexico’s government believes it will come under pressure to follow suit if California passes prop 19, a former foreign minister, Jorge Castañeda, told Nexus magazine. “It is going to be impossible to ask Mexican society to put up with the number of lives at risk and the violence for a fight that Americans, or at least Californians, would have said they don’t want to fight any more,” he said.